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The average Netflix user spends around 30% of their time on the platform just browsing for content! Netflix doesn’t mind because they are saving on bandwidth costs, and users aren’t aware because they haven’t checked out my movie blog yet! Welcome to Movie Matter!

While I do not consider myself a movie expert, I do think I can offer up some quality movie recommendations. I believe the best suggestions come from the average movie-watchers. Let’s face it, features like “because you watched this, you might like this” just don’t cut it. Algorithms don’t know good movies, people know good movies!

I hope you enjoy!

“I’m the guy who does his job, you must be the other guy”

– Mark Wahlberg The Departed

Recent Reviews

Joker Movie Review

Joker Release: 2019 Rotten Tomatoes: 68% Movie Matter: 6 stars Review: “Forgive my laughter, I have a condition.” Turns out that’s a big ask in the unforgiving city of Gotham, where laughter (unusual or not) can be seen as sinister. Joaquin Phoenix stars as Arthur Fleck, a wanna-be standup comedian, who suffers from a neurologicalContinue reading “Joker Movie Review”

Knives Out Movie Review

Knives Out Rotten Tomatoes: 76% My Rating: 4/10 stars Available: OnDemand  Genre: Mystery/Comedy Review: I thought this movie was pretty lame to be honest, and I personally wouldn’t recommend it. I can see why it received a lot of praise and positive reviews, but I just couldn’t take it seriously, and I’ll explain why inContinue reading “Knives Out Movie Review”


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